Want to receive $1000 - $10,000 minimal investment 
Into your business in 120 days...


Position and Get Paid is a Mastermind of Like Minded Peers...

COST IS $565 Paid in Full or 3 payments of $196 each, $56 Deposit for Interview Call


  • 1-1: (1) Map Out Intake Session. Chart goals, and get specific insight into what you need to shift in your business
    (Valued at $1000)
  • Group Sessions: (12) Workshop the areas you are stuck on group calls and learn with others. This is the BEST way to learn in terms of getting perspective and insight from powerful women.
    (Value $1800)
  • Strategy Plans: These are the implementable plans for your business, innovated towards what you do, and WHO you need to speak to on each OMNI channel. You will be given the "One" to work first in the first 45 days of your program admittance. 
    (Value $7500)


  • Consistency: From having accountability, and the knowledge and power posse backing you up, you will know what to say, where, when, and with who, most importantly WHY to get you the results you need the most.
  • The Metrics: Without these metrics, you will first not be able to "FIND" your audience, or show a proof of concept to an investor. We help you understand the consistent efforts that need to go into showing up in order to form the case studies that will ALLOW you to have market footing in your business presence online.
  • Getting Paid: Yes - form a CLEAR value proposition to a potential customer so that people begin to apply to work with you, purchase your goods, or sign up in your services.


  • What is the guarantee? Show up for yourself consistently, and you will see results, period. This program does not have a guarantee other than we are showing up for you 12 weeks, providing you the tools, and helping you get clear. If you decide NOT to show up for yourself, we cannot guarantee anything. What we can guarantee is you will get clearer as you approach your target goal and learn how to actually engage with your ideal customer. This is the #1 thing that businesses in all flavors and forms miss for years, causing them to stagnate and avoid growth, time and time again. 
  • ​Where does Position to Get Paid take place? We use Zoom, A private member group, as well as Slack to go through the action plans, accountability, and to help you take the necessary action that you need. 
  • ​What is an OMNI Channel? An OMNI channel would be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, or Twitter. One of these networks is the best for your business where you can engage back with your audience. 
  • What if I have a blog or a podcast, do you have strategies for this? Yes. We have partner affiliates that give you more detailed action plans for affiliate and sponsored marketing. The emphasis of our work though with you for 12 weeks is to turn on your organic advertising funnel on the affiliated networks. We typically encourage you to focus on Instagram (as it posts to Facebook) or LinkedIn depending on your business. However, there may be a different medium that is a better way for you to work with your clients. 
  • What if I do not want investor money, can I pass? Yes. However, we strongly discourage you from doing this. If you are able to take $1,000 and turn that into $10,000 and find more of your audience FASTER, you keeping a considerable portion of this contingent on your business and your metrics, why would you pass this up? Many women do not understand how investing $565 in themselves, the work, and a formula will get them what they want.

    When you invest $565 (about $47/week) into yourself to have the accountability, to do what you need to do, say what you need to say, but MORE importantly - engage with people? You have something sustainable you build. That in and of itself gives you and return on your investment. 

    When someone returns to invest $1000 (or more) in you and then you can 10x or 20x this because now you have a body of work that is clear, concise, and shows a clear consumer journey? Then it is like collecting fish that want to jump into your barrel! 

    For you it may be 10 consistent clients. For you it may be a consistent 25 sales of your product each month. Whatever it may be, it could take you 23 months to get there alone, no idea, trial and error, and failing to be consistent. Or you can invest in yourself, show up, and get the investor who partners with our team + you to get the traffic you need to finally go up.
  • How many people are you taking into the program? We are looking for 12 serious female business owners to position at this time. It is application only to support group dynamics. Application processes opened June 6, 2020. 
  • ​How long does the application process take? It takes you ~15 minutes to thoughtfully fill out your application, a $56 fee to secure the call, then you can schedule immediately. After your call, you have 24 hours to complete our exercise, and show up for call #2 where we go over the assignment. If you are not a fit, we return your $56. If you fail to show up for either of these calls, the $56 is kept. If you are a fit, the $56 is applied to the cost of your program and you are admitted.
  • What kind of businesses do you work with? I could get VERY specific and tell you I only help Real Estate Agents. Or Speakers and Podcast hosts. Ultimately - I help any female who is struggling with confidence or insecurity. You have a fitness business? You have a salon? You have a business that needs to help or serve someone else? This is for you. We will work with you to help you show up more vibrantly and get the results you need. 
  • What if I only have 1 hour a day? This program is for people who can spend about 6 hours on program assignments and about 2 hours a day in partnering and making relationships. That factors out to be 16 hours a week. If you cannot make the relationships yourself but you can hire it out (as business owners often do), then this could be for you. There is zero sacrifice for the work that must be done. If you fail to show up, you will not get the results that you wish to see.
  • How long does it take to get results? Some will see results in as early as 36 days. Some it may take the full 90 days of studying their audience to get this right. There are no exceptions, even if you have been in business for a long time. 
  • Does this program "do" it for me? Unfortunately no. The rate of your average weekly participation is ~$47.00 a week. We cannot "do" the work for you. If you would like this option, we have team members in various OMNI channels, Copy Writing, and support who would be happy to help you. If you are looking to hire out ~10 hours of skilled labor in your business a week to help you get this done, the average cost per hour can range from $20 - $50 (costing you $200-$500 a week). 
  • Where does the Investor money come from? Either in-house or we partner you with an individual that fits your business needs. 
  • ​Why does an Investor want to work with me? At the beginning - many people do not meet the metrics for an investor to see what you are doing as valuable (even if what you do is very necessary and valuable). When you have the metrics, your business becomes attractive to an investor because they see that investing $1 in your business can then give a $10 or $20 return. They want to see a return on their investment. They will want principal + investment returned from partnering with you in an agreed upon time frame.


Hi, I am Ashley...

I have been coaching/consulting and positioning women owned businesses since 2015.

A growing trend in businesses without the proper organization or a solid online presence are failing to attract and keep consumers as we move into the full phase of transparency.

Think of it like a leaky sink.

Without the proper systems, structures, or the branding presence of namely YOU on the internet where your ideal consumers are hanging out - it is very hard to take what you have and turn a profit.

It is not your fault and this is how I know:

In a few recent case studies, I saw a growing trend. Every single social media post was more disengaging between someone and their ideal audience.

Was a common theme of someone asking someone to purchase a service or product that they would never be able to physically or tangibly see, feel, or savor.

What was missing big time was the vision journey for the consumer.

And instead of attracting customers… people were repelling them.

In what industry do you ask?


...Just to name a few

So what do you do about this?

From the Vertical View...

If we back out of the tunnel and look at what has been happening in your personal business, let’s look at “you”

How connective is your content to your audience?

Are you hearing crickets?

Because IF you are - that is a sign that either:

A) Not enough eyes are seeing your material

B) You are doing what you thought which is from your vantage point instead of your customers' perspective.

In other words?

No one “gets” what is in it for them when you are posting to the internet things that may have been absent a solid strategy.
And sadly… it is frustrating if you are posting and you are not getting results.

Know that ZERO things in life are immediate.
You will begin to hit the nail on the head, and momentum snow balls.
If you fail to show up consistently, with style and grace, this will NEVER happen.

So let’s back up from this.

To you, results look like you telling the first person you meet and saying:
“Person, buy my thing!”
And they do in this imaginary land where you are ah-mazing.
And the world is right, we drink iced coffee, and you move on to the next transaction.

However, when women are the decision makers of the purchase - that is NOT how it works.

Instead, what happens:
“Person! Buy my stuff?”
And they…

Ghost you.
Run from you.
Ignore you like those weirdos selling spa salts or odd shoes at a kiosk in the mall.

It is painful to watch.

Because you are acting transactional instead of relational.

So how do we change this?

I am not going to waste your time.

Instead I am giving you the opportunity to show up and invest in yourself with the RIGHT direction.

What can $750 Invested In You Yield After 120 Days?

If you were to get a MILLION DOLLAR action plan to BE yourself, show up consistently, and do the work… there are a FEW things we KNOW will happen with ~$750 worth of capital.

5 days a week like it is your JOB, you will make content about what you do, and how it benefits someone else. 
You will focus on building trust, vs building a transaction. 
You will do analysis that matters, and figure out the relationships to make that will impact your business for the better.

You will put content out consistently. Not a single day will get missed. 
You will know exactly what to say, and how to show up in your innate personality. 

The engagement is the KEY ingredient. You will shamelessly LOVE and GIVE first. 
You will forge fierce and FAST relationships with people who “get it” in the stratosphere of Social Media Marketing.

After 30-45 days of data, you will put money behind what is working to your sample audiences. 
You decide if it is $50-$150 and that is vital. The more is better. 

You will position CALLS TO ACTION that convert. 
This is specific to your industry and you will get 1-1 guidance to test, and pivot depending on you/your market.

You will show up, follow up, and follow through.

You will have a solid show vs tell for yourself that in ~7-12 weeks? 
You will begin to see ORGANIC customers come to you, banging down your door and throwing money AT you.

Sounds simple?
But it is not.



The thing is: you cannot copy someone else and expect that to work for you.

You also cannot use MEMES or photos that conceal you or your identity from the market that you are meant to work with.

And here is the other thing…

You need back up to pay to play.
This is where we come in to help you.

It starts with goals. It evolves to displaying WHO you are. 

So this is not a program that is ideal for those who are insecure deep in their core and have significant issues to be blunt that need to be sorted out in therapy. This is for women who are ready to claim their power unapologetically and unabashedly and show up, fearless.

The Learning Curve

Do understand it is a learning curve. You are where you are. You own this. And know others are here with you. But if you are terrified to show up? This is not for you. You are not ready to “get paid” … and I know that sounds mean, but it is better that you know leaders are fearless and take risks. They show up, rain, wind, bad hair and all. Sometimes we forget to eat lunch, or have an all nighter and put hemorrhoid cream under our eyes. We cry like lions on the inside. And we do this because service for the cause is more significant than feeling comfortable and complacent. 

There is a shifting economic system around us. If you fail to take action as countless more members of society come down with COVID19 or fight one another in the streets and you fail to serve those you were intended to serve because zero people saw your amazing offers or knew what you could do to help them? 

You will miss out. 
This is a new level of FOMO

The New Networking In Social D'

We will not be able to “Network” the way we used to at major events when Social D gets more extreme. Moving online will be key to relearn how to meet people and forge real relationships. 

What would you do with an automated referral system? 
What would you do with the right influencers that have your back in any market?

Better question: What would you do with the EXACT number in your bank account every single month?

It does not come from a cookie cutter template of copying someone else.
It does come from a system of taking ownership of tried and true strategies and showing up consistently.

This is something that 99% of the people out there do not do.
They give up usually shy of striking gold because they are out to GET vs GIVE.
Or...they are looking for consumers in all the wrong places with the wrong or zero calls to action.

And you and I both know this is not your intent.


I sat.
And took note of what is necessary.

I speak in front of over 360K+ women each week.
I have been watching these women squabble to find relevance in a crowded market space.

I have found that FEW follow the SIMPLE instructions about showing up consistently.
They are looking for an easy button to do 3-4 hours of work daily each week that will NEVER do itself.

You can pay to have it done, or you can DIY, but either way, it must be done.


They all seem to be looking at the SHINY object.

But here is what I know: IF YOU SHOW UP, YOU GO UP.


But you cannot be a carbon copy of another woman.
You need to be YOU. 

Strengths, imperfections, and all.

There are businesses looking to influential women right now.
We are the ones who move markets.

You want those deals?

You have to put the leg work in.

There are women who have POWERFUL messages about overcoming - you name it.
There are positioned women who are on the ground floor of pivotal things happening.

But if you fail to show up and be consistent?

If you make every single thing you do transactional?

You will miss the mark big time.


What makes me “amazing” at what I do?
I show up with the women I serve as I am.

Heck, the handful of guys I serve too - I am raw, real, and they get me as I am, no filter.

That doesn’t have to be you - but that is my reputation.

I kept it hidden.

It was kind of like someone being Public Relations Shy. I was like a turtle, who rarely came out of her shell unless baited with a few bottles of wine, or 2 empty stomached tequila shots. 

Then - something clicked during quarantine.
Actually - before quarantine.

I figured out something with engagement that made me a BOSS on LinkedIn last summer.
It made me indistinguishable where I began to show up with my audience on Instagram.

And people began watching. Further - reaching out to take massive action.

The sad thing - as I was figuring it out?

I invited a few people to join me.
But like most people, they needed to see it to believe it.

I do not blame them.

They waited. I got results.
They did not.
They failed to SHOW up.

As we get more data, the program will become EVEN more pivotal.


$565 Paid in Full

3 Payments $225 Each


Audience Clarity: 
Speak to 1 person, gain a following. Speak to everyone, get the attention of no one. Learn how to find these people and speak to them immediately.

A 1-1 game plan of content to create and upload within the different OMNI Channels. You may be marketing to the wrong audience on the right channel. One tiny tweak will change how it registers with the RIGHT people.

Content Creation Rubric: 
Chances are, you do not have greater than 20% of your audience engaging with you. That is “okay” if you are looking to have a resume of average content. If you want to OWN your audience and gain conversions, this is problematic. We will focus on regaining the trust and winning the hearts of your masses with a solid 90 day game plan.

Marketing Research Outline: 
Be able to pull everything together at lightning speed for those brave enough to approach people 1-1. 

Get support to get this done. Think of us like FIGHT CLUB. Except zero fighting. Loads of love and fierce follow through.

Automated Customer Service Engines: 
You need this. You can’t duplicate yourself. And you would be surprised how many people want to speak to you that if you miss this, you are missing a ton of people who could otherwise contact you. 

Affiliate Partnerships: 
Each relationship forged will be to explore this proposition of how you can benefit someone else’s bottom line and if they know of anyone to send to you.

Will you get all of this done PERFECTLY?

Possibly. It is a $6000 program you are getting for ~$675 on a payment plan ($565 paid in full).

You will be present. No shenanigans.

And in this presence - I guarantee that you WILL make a minimum of 10% of the relationships you pursue. 

You determine how many this ultimately “is” … you approach 500 people, expect to retain 50 relationships. That is ~42 people approached a week, and 4 people retained. 

Now… let’s talk about something blunt.

Those of you who are backing into the numbers thinking about ALL of the people you can SELL right now -- wrong.

You are here to SERVE others.

Selling is 100% serving. 
However, if you are approaching this from a SALES standpoint without any marketing research, or having the intimate information of the contrast in the necessary conversations - you cannot expect to attract the people you ultimately want to serve.

14 Years Experience Has Taught Me...

I have been in business for greater than 14 years.

What has made me phenomenal in connecting with others and serving is understanding the fundamental aches or pain points someone else has, and how to take whatever the vehicle of my business was and serve their BEST, HIGHEST, or GREATEST good. 

Every single time.

This is what I want to teach you.

And here is the thing.

After the INTAKE that we do - we will go over the second phase that is ALL about you setting your bench mark. You will set goals in this program that if you meet or exceed them - we will be able to have a tangible model to invest in YOU. Cash money in YOUR business operations for a hard return that is predictable.

Say what?!


This does not exist. I have triple checked the internet. NO ONE is paying you for the LIKES - we will. 

I have started to work with investors CLOSELY.

The thing no one is looking to is small businesses because they have ALWAYS been risky.

I am about to share in this program a way for you to leverage audiences and crush whatever it is you want to call your business vehicle while you pursue sales.


And we are coming in to the people who complete their outline and have the bench marks of growth to work with them in 120 days with a starting investment into operation costs of $1000.

Let’s Do The Math

You put in $565 for direction (max $675 if you need the pay plan).
You get back $1000 into your business for either more data acquired to position your business OR actual leads that will convert into customer relationships.

This is a 76% return on your investment.

Now what do we want in exchange?

It depends at the time of the investment and the rate of return based upon YOUR business.

We are NOT there yet. So it is not determinable until you have specific benchmarks.

You need a 90 day track record showing you are dependable and you show up consistently.

You may say:

“But I have already done this Ashley!”

Have you?

Because here is the thing… I was in process of this in 2019.
And something called life interrupted me before day 90 hit the calendar.
I went on an extended vacation over the summer, and vanished on Social Media.

No judgment. It happens.

I came back. The algorithm changed completely.
I heard on Instagram that swiping left and right even happened for under 24 hours.

But if you do not have the metrics - something is WRONG. 
Simplistically, it comes down to connecting with people.

The good news is you have acquired data if you have already started.

For the person waiting to start, or waiting for it to be “EASY” -- that day will never arrive.

You need a strong systematic action plan.

And when we come in to make an investment to acquire leads with you?
We will help you for a % split back.

That means we make our money (protected in the principal we invest)
And you get money (because we attract people you build relationships with).


If you have “0” you can’t expect to make or lose “0”

If you have (our) “$1000” and it nets “$10,000” it is customary in equity to pay a percentage back in interest over a term on the money + a potential of equity for creating something if we go to the next round.

If it is a “loan” = it is a loan.

If it is equity, meaning round 1: $1000 is invested. You make a $10,000 return. You pay back from a 90 day term a % agreed upon within market standards and your business (that makes sense for you) + the principal (in this example $1000). If all goes well? We may reinvest the $1000+ Interest into your business + more, for higher stakes.

So Follow Me...

In getting into equity - equity partners often don't invest into services or small business venture products.
They will rarely invest in small businesses that do not project a $250,000 revenue projection in 12-18 months.

Equity relations look at multimillion dollar businesses.

But...what if 100s if not 1000s of women in terms of economy and scale make up millions of equity dollars and a sizable return?

What if the funds you need to take your small business to the next level are available when you show the proof of concept and that with additional consumers there is a healthy and predictable return?

What if you have a bigger idea waiting that you don’t know about YET because in doing the work you have put off it has not stepped forward?

These are all valid questions I kicked around on the beach on a long walk in quarantine.

I Backed Into The Numbers.

If you pay for GROUP coaching, you are looking at anywhere from $150-$1000/month for a program. This is a fraction of the cost.

If you look for a 1-1 consultant to help you with a marketing plan or structuring, you are looking at anywhere from $1500-$10,000/month for help and qualified assistance.

If you come in with numerous women to go farther, faster, you will get what you need + some.


But this doesn’t work if you procrastinate.

-or- if you look to take from others without exchange.

-or- if you refuse to post your personal photos or show up on video.

It will absolutely NOT work if you fail to show up timely.

This is FOR those who are willing to show up for 3-4 hours minimum a day, zero excuses.

They make every single meeting as a priority, and schedule and time block it as a priority.

They demonstrate that they are consistent, persistent, and follow through.


You are paying for a service and a group course.
You are positioning yourself IF you meet the metrics of growth to gain money to back you and rounds of potential funding that help you move your business forward WHEN you meet your goals. You will set your goals with Ashley 1-1.

So let’s paint the image shall we?

I want you to imagine that you have an endless supply of customers or clients in your industry. 

That you are invited to events. 

You are recognized in your community. 

You have case study after case study showing that what you do served someone else to meet their objectives. 

You have glowing reviews. 

You MUST hire people.
(Not optional)

You have so much business - you have more than you can handle and now you get to scale what you do to work with more people.

These are excellent problems to solve, wouldn’t you say? 

But you do not get to the destination tossing things randomly on the internet.
You do not get there treating your business like a side hustle or a hobby.
You absolutely will not get there without a squad of women with you.

So - if you feel like you want to get the deep dive analysis, 1-1 support, and position yourself for the rounds of investment to come? 

I know it is scary to trust a person on the internet.

I say this - and the past 3 serious romantic relationships that were long term were met online. I have met 100% of my clients online for over 11 years. 

If you do not trust yourself, you cannot trust anyone.
It is a motto I hold dear and near.

I get that it is challenging to see the vision for yourself.
This is why I get called into businesses. What we accomplish in week 1 and 2 of working together makes a tiny investment in themselves make sense. The lackluster vision they had for what they are doing gets much bigger.

Most brands and personalities in business are playing SMALLER than what they think they can accomplish in 3 years. Most think they can accomplish MORE in one year. But it is the predictable and measurable habits that will make the deciding factor in business success or failure.

If you want to overcome this, you will invest in yourself.


It is equally challenging to believe another person would invest in YOU.

You are worth every pretty penny when you are positioned.

Zero is Possible Without Proof of Concept.

The catch is zero investment can happen if you do not have a proven proof of concept or an identified audience. 
And you may decide that you want to forgo funding when you see the results from your efforts of following through on driving engagement in your business.

When you understand that out of simple math? 
$10,000 into someone’s business and invested needs to net $100,000 in about 6-18 months.
It is really hard to see this when you do not understand a consumer journey.
It is even harder when you do not know where these customers are or how to speak to them.

So...when you “HIRE” someone and they do things in your business, many people think that the return is instantaneous. And this is rare. It is when the stage is set that we have a system in place and you can turn $10,000 into $100,000 over a course of 90-180 days. 

But Ashley, HOW do you do this?

This is what we will discover about your business on the phone in our initial call. 

If you have a product OR a service based business - no one ever missed out on properly leveraging Social Media or narrowing in where their audience is hiding.

If you are unwilling to put REAL people in front of the camera, or make the necessary investments, this will be discovered on our call together. 

I am confident that after helping someone get positioned for HSN, helping others leverage their audiences, reclaim their schedules, and have a sense of clarity in their vision to progress vs fold - you can do this WHEN you believe in yourself.

The other thing I know is that if you are not focused on having relationships, and engagement is not a part of your marketing structure - meaning you are not focused on building ANY tangible relationships in your business?

You will not make it long term.


The Process Of Initial Discovery

You may need influencers.
It takes time to find them, identify them, and build that relationship.
One relationship can net you 2-10 new clients a month. 

In my first business? This would have been about $200-$1000 coming from “1” relationship.

It may not seem like a ton of money, but it can have an incremental effect on you when you continue growing over a 6 month term when you are getting recurring payments.

OR here is another way to think about it … your business may need to have case studies. There is a specific system to implement to get what you need. It is industry specific. You will need to front some costs, and pay others for their time and likely a case study. 

Once others see what you are capable of helping another overcome or achieve? 
More people will show up to work with you.

If you do not start?
You never get where you want to go.

This is why we are coming in to help a handful of people to get this off of the ground and get there faster.

We are taking a set number. Once our spots are full, we are moving forward.
And spots will NOT be around for long.

What You Really "Get"

Many people understand that they put $565 into themselves.
They get a 76% return with a minimum of $1000 back into their business WHEN goals are met.
This $1000 has the potential to net an example of $10,000 (which you would likely keep $8,000)
Which is more than “0” that you had before the investment was put into your operations.
That is a 9117% annual return, but in this instance? In 7 months 1315% return or $7435 profit.

These are projections. 
There is no one size fits all.
There are no guarantees.

If your business does not serve or has zero customers, these figures are based on different value propositions.

In other words, if you are selling an item that has a mark up of $1.25 an item and you expect to make $10,000 in profits off of the item, this may not be the fit for you as the acquisition cost of a one time item does not make sense.

If the item you sell has a recurring payment from someone of $50 a month, and the acquisition cost is $25, you retain that person for 6 months, that means you gain $275 per new customer = this may make sense for your business to do this program. 

This is what we will discover in our call together. 

Many women avoid math in business; math is how you know if a venture is profitable or will be painfully expensive.

You know you want to make the money.
You know you have value to offer.

We will look at positioning YOU vs SELLING a service or a product.
At the end of the day, no matter your business, it is the relationships you make that you keep vs the products or services you promote.
2020 Ashley M Jenkins